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How to Plan for Your Kitchen Remodeling In Bethesda MD

Kitchen remodeling in Bethesda MD is one of those things that residents in the area consider a worthwhile investment. Bethesda is considered the perfect urban suburb, with everything you could need within walking distance. In addition, the area offers housing choices that many areas in DC don’t offer. This is one of the reasons why people that live here find it difficult to leave and are more likely to invest in their homes – they know they will be living here for a long time.

remodeled kitchen in Bethesda MD

Exploring vs. planning

If you are a homeowner in Bethesda, kitchen remodeling is probably something you have thought about. However, this is one project that could take up a considerable amount of your money, which is why it is important to plan it right. Unfortunately, most homeowners find themselves spending a lot of time ‘exploring’ without actually putting together a good plan for their kitchen remodeling project. Exploring in this case means collecting photos of kitchens for inspiration, looking at appliances, visiting numerous websites and taking the time to visit different kitchen showrooms in Maryland.

What do you need?

While the exploration stage is critical, you need to set a time limit for it so you do not get stuck in ideas that never become reality. Think carefully about what you need based on how you use your kitchen. This will help narrow down your search to kitchen layouts and features that fit your home and lifestyle. Understanding exactly what you have to work with in terms of space will also help you remain realistic about the changes you can make. However, if your budget can handle it, you also have the option of expanding if the current space cannot accommodate your needs.

Project scope and budget

Once you know what you want, the next step is to decide the major and minor changes you want for your kitchen (project scope) and figure out how much it will cost. You may want to change everything, but your budget will determine exactly how much you can accommodate in your remodeling project. Note that it is also important to be flexible as both the budget and project scope may change as you go along. Keep in mind that it is better to overestimate the cost and have some free money for emerging issues in the course of the project than to underestimate the cost and run short of cash.

Get your team together

Be sure to bring in the professionals you will be working with as early as possible, as they could prove really helpful during the planning stages. Finding a kitchen remodeling contractor in Bethesda should not be a problem, but you need to know what to look for. As a rule, it is important to ensure that the contractor is licensed and has a good reputation. If you contact them directly, you could always ask for the contacts of their past clients. On the other hand, referrals from your family, friends or colleagues would help make the selection process a lot easier as you would get first-hand information on the contractor’s work.

If you are looking for a good kitchen remodeling company, Bethesda boasts an abundance of professionals that will get the job done. The kitchen remodeling contractors and companies that we recommend have proven themselves and offer some of the best services in Maryland. Call us today for a free estimate or free consultation as you get started on your kitchen remodeling project.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Types of Bathroom Ceiling Lights – Add The Right Amount of Ambiance

types of ceiling light

bathroom ceiling lights
Since lighting is one of the most important features of any room, bathroom ceiling lights are a particularly important decision when you are redesigning or remodeling your bathroom. Choose the wrong one, and the bathroom will just not depict the look you were planning to have. However, if your lighting is right, it will add style and give an attractive finishing touch.

There are many types of bathroom ceiling lights such as spotlights and down lights. Which one of these should you choose? The information below can help you more in this regard.

types of ceiling light
Basic Bathroom Ceiling Lights

The most basic sort of lighting you can have in the bathroom is a central structure on the ceiling. Generally, this is designed to give a sufficient amount of light in the room. While installing such a structure, make sure you do it away from the shower and other water sources so that your safety is not subjected to any risks. If your chosen bathroom design does not call for this, use a close mounted ceiling light that is either completely enclosed or is flushed in an attractive design.

In terms of style, a basic ceiling lights have many options and are either available in the form of a clear or frosted glass. At times, the rim is brushed with chrome or depicts an antique look for extra edginess.

Recessed or Down Lighting

A recessed down lighting is often available in an affordable range, which makes it a preferable choice for many homeowners. Moreover, they are special designed and so are not affected by condensation. Though the standard product gives you plenty of lighting, use one with halogen bulbs provides a better illumination. Since a single product often does not give enough light, recessed lighting comprises of three or five units.

As with the basic bathroom ceiling lights, recessed or down lighting is also available in many styles. They may have a brass, chrome, polished or shiny white border.


If you want accent or task lighting, a spotlight in the bathroom is what you should have. These are often available in the form of bars, which can be fitted as a single product and pointed at any one spot that demands attention. This is often the place on top of the mirror, where an ample amount of light is always needed.

 Now that you have all information regarding the different types of bathroom ceiling lights, you should decide your budget and conduct a thorough search. There are so many pictures on the internet that can give you some very good ideas. Accordingly, choose a product that not only suits the style you want but also gives the amount of lighting you want to have. If your budget allows, you can even put a number of bathroom ceiling lights to have a more classy touch.



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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thinking about replacing your driveway? Some options for you!

stamped concrete driveway

Whether you are thinking about replacing your driveway or planning a home remodeling project for the exterior of your home if your driveway needs replaced it is one of those things that definitely affects the curb appeal of your home as well as the safety especially if the concrete is starting to break apart into pieces. Not only that having a worn-out driveway greatly affects the resale value of your home.

Driveways don't last forever especially when the preparation (the soil/gravel under the concrete) is not prepared properly. If the preparation is not done properly you are eventually going to have problems. It is one of those things if it is not done properly and hidden behind the walls or in this case under the concrete you are going to eventually have problems.

If the preparation is not done properly and there is not a proper compacted gravel bed under the concrete then the soil underneath the concrete will start to erode away causing a gap to form between the concrete and the soil.

When cars drive across the driveway and there is no support underneath the concrete it will crack. These cracks will then start to allow moisture to seep in and when winter comes and freezes the ground the moisture in the concrete and underneath will then freeze causing heaving and damage.

concrete driveway

As you can see our driveway needs replaced. There was no or very little preparation done before the concrete was placed and now you can see over time the concrete is breaking apart. The concrete was poured on the dirt and now over time it just has disintegrated.

There is many types of fish is available today for your driveway but one of the options I extremely like it is a stamped concrete finish. You can virtually create any type of pattern and choose any colors you want but the more customizing the more money it costs.

stamped concrete driveway

Preparation is the key. Depending on your area in the country each area might have different codes but generally you need to dig out 4 to 6 inches of soil and then replace it with gravel and then it should be compacted to prevent any movement.

After that be sure to install galvanized mesh in the concrete or rebar. Other alternatives such as stealth fibres that are added to the concrete mix will help make the concrete stronger.

Most codes require a minimum 4 inches thickness of concrete. If you are driving heavier vehicles on it such as motor homes and trailers you might want to go thicker to prevent your driveway from cracking under heavy weights. Be sure to ask your driveway contractor for all available options. Maybe even call your local authorities.

You don't want to spend all that money on a beautiful looking driveway so be sure to spend the money on preparation and do it right to prevent any problems in the future and keep your driveway looking amazing.



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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Choosing the Right Bathroom Accessory Sets For Improving The Look

bathroom towels

The final step of any bathroom designing process is to choose appropriate bathroom accessory sets.  Do it right, and you bathroom will have the perfect finishing look that you desire. There are many options and styles for bathroom accessory sets, and selecting one of these can be difficult at times. You can customize everything as per your wishes, while ensuring that your budget is not restrained.

Here we present you a look at those items that must be included in bathroom accessory sets, so as to provide convenience while adding more to the style.

bathroom shelvesBathroom Shelves

If you still have not put up any shelves in your bathroom, now is the time to get it done. You can either have these near the shower, near the counter or at both places. At times, bathroom shelves are hung from the shower or on the door, and at others, they are affixed onto the walls. You can even opt for a free-standing bathroom shelf; a corner one will utilize more space, but will make it easier for you to store your items.

Laundry Hamperslaundry basket

A laundry hamper is must-have accessory in every bathroom. There are two main types of laundry hamper: one is portable, and you can easily take it to the laundry room, whereas the other one cannot be moved from its pace of installation. Depending on your needs, a laundry hamper can be built into a cabinet, installed as a pullout unit or mounted as a tilt-out unit. You can even opt for a freestanding laundry hamper.
If you want portability, go for a hamper that features a handle or wheel.

bathroom scalesBathroom Scales

A bathroom scale is another important item in bathroom accessory sets. These can be divided into three main types: analog, body composition, and digital. Analog bathroom scales operate on a counterbalance bar or a spring dial, the former of which offers a more accurate reading. Digital scales run on battery and body composition scales are used for measuring body density, by utilizing small electrical pulses. They can also give you a reading of your weight and muscle mass.

Shower Benches and Seats

If your bathroom does not have a bath and you prefer to sit while taking a shower, you should have a chair or a seat on the bathroom. These are either in the form of a simple bench or are based on wheels, which makes them portable. Shower chairs are mostly constructed with plastic and aluminum so that no rust forms ion eth surface. Moreover, they are slip-resistance because rubber cups are fixed onto their legs.

bathroom towels


A bathroom towel is available in many styles and colors. You shook get one that goes with your wall paint and the rest of your decorations for a more refined touch.

Now that you have chosen bathroom accessory sets, you are done with redesigning your bathroom. We are sure it looks extremely classy and modern, and will impressive anyone who views it.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

How To Hire A Home Remodeling Contractor For Your Baltimore Home?

How To Hire A Home Remodeling Contractor For Your Baltimore Home?

how to hire a home remodeling contractor in Baltimore

Home remodeling in Baltimore is the need of many to ensure that their home stays in prime condition and offers a decent living. Overtime, issues of wear and tear result in depleted efficiency of things and demand repairs and replacements. Hiring a home remodeling contractor in Baltimore is the right decision to get things done with ease and to produce long-lasting results. Whether you are planning to sell your Baltimore home or improve the current living conditions for your family, consider the following tips to make the right choice for hiring a contractor:

Finding The Right Baltimore Home Remodeling Contractors

There are plenty of home remodeling contractors in the market. You can come across an array of options through online searches, websites such as Angie’s list or through the references of friends and family members. The local lumber and hardware supply stores could prove to be of assistance as well. Get first hand information about the experience of people and find good contractors.

Shortlist Your Options

Once you have the contacts of several Baltimore home remodeling contractors on your table, it is time to shortlist the options to choose the best. To choose the most reliable contractor, check out certain things about the contractor and his/her company. The track record is an essential thing to consider, the Better Business Bureau’s record would inform you about the complaint history and rating of the company, aiding you in highlighting the best choices.

Choose an Insured and Licensed Professional

Remember to choose a home remodeling contractor that has got insurance to protect you against any possible damages. If the contractor does not have insurance liability, you would be held responsible for any damage costs incurred. And, working with a licensed professional reduces the risks involved and gives you the confidence of working with someone credible.


Before finalizing your home remodeling contractor in Baltimore, conduct interviews and ask as many questions as you can come up with. An essential step to build trust and a comfort level, it would reveal to you the reliability, availability and interest of the company in undertaking your Baltimore home remodeling project.


Be sure to ask for references this would include asking the potential contractor for a list of names of people and jobs they have done in the past. Contact these people and ask them how the project went, if they were on time, cleanliness, what kind of work did they do, are they happy with the results and would you hire them again. Another thing you can do is go by and take a look at the work they have done. People have different opinions so one person might like the job and the other person might not so it is best to check out the renovation job for yourself.

Gather Price Estimates

Cost comparison is a crucial factor for making a choice. Everyone has a certain budget level and would want to hire services within the budget. Gathering price estimates would help you make an informed cost and plan your finances accordingly. However, when making comparison, do not go for the lowest prices available, instead choose to get quality service and reasonable rates to get satisfying end results.

Signing the Contract

After undertaking each necessary step, you would be able to come up with the perfect remodeling contractor for your Baltimore home. The next step is getting everything penned down in a written agreement and to sign the contract. A simple but highly important formality, it keeps off future trouble and set expectations right from day one. The contract includes information about the warranty, permits, cleanliness, liability, expectations, project duration, timing, hours of work, subcontractors and terms for payment agreed upon.

Following the above mentioned tips is going to help you make a sound choice for picking a contractor for home remodeling in Baltimore. You can get in touch with RemodelingHO, a reputable, experienced, and reputable company that specializes in home remodeling projects and can bring you the best in Baltimore. For further details call now (888) 789-0140.


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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

3 Dishwasher Buying Tips

plastic rack in dishwasher


Thought I would share a few dishwasher buying tips with you. Recently our dishwasher packed it in, and I had to go out, and buy a new dishwasher. Never had to do that before.

We bought our dishwasher our one and only dishwasher off our neighbor who remodeled his kitchen about seven years ago. So I think the dishwasher is about 14 years old. So it's time to buy a new one. So if you are remodeling your kitchen, or deciding to buy a new dishwasher I hope these tips help out.

stainless steel dishwasherThree things that greatly, I found greatly affects the price of a dishwasher is:

1. The finish on the outside affects the cost. Stainless steel being the most expensive compared to a white one, or a black one.

44db-dishwasher2. Another thing that increases the price is the sound of the actual the dishwasher. So if you look at some of these images I took of the sound is measured in decibels. So 44 decibels is a really low sound.

The lower the number, the quieter the dishwasher. So obviously the quieter the dishwasher is the more you pay. So the 44 was the lowest I saw. I'm sure you can get lower ones, but 44 was the lowest one. The less expensive ones get up into the 50's, here's one 57. So I'm sure that's pretty loud.

ss-bottom-dishwasher3. Another thing that affects the cost, of the cost of the dishwasher was the type of tub. So a stainless steel tub with a stainless steel door seem to be the most expensive. If you look at the image there is a stainless steel tub on all the walls, and the bottom is stainless steel, and the door here as well, it's all stainless steel.So if you look at these cheaper plastic ones, cheaper models they are all plastic. So plastic reduces the cost.

plastic rack in dishwasher

Another thing that you might want to watch for is what the racks are made out of. The cheaper ones are made out of plastic, and you can see in here all the plastic racks, but the tub is also plastic. And the better racks are the nylon racks.

These three things I really noticed affect the cost was the finish on the outside, stainless steel being the most, the sound of the dishwasher, so the quieter the dishwasher the more it cost, and the inside tub being stainless it's going to cost you a bit more.

I hope these tips help you buy your next dishwasher.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Tips for Remodeling Your Baltimore Basement

The basement is usually one of the lowest and most underrated rooms of the house. Ignoring this potential space may have turned it into a cold, dark place used for storage and putting away the laundry. Using some helpful tips for your Baltimore basement remodeling project could turn it into a peak of style and comfort.

Add more space to the house! Did it ever cross your mind that the basement could be turned into so many fun things? You could turn it into a guest suit, a media room or a game room. Anything you are in need of, making space for an ultimate retreat to maximize fun at. If you are in need of some ideas for your basement remodeling project, consider the tips below to transform the dullest part of your Baltimore home into one of the liveliest places to hang out in.

Tip # 1 Plan Wisely

When it comes time to remodeling your Baltimore basement it will have its set of challenges. Careful planning is essential to get over the obstacles and create a beautiful space just below your feet. The first thing to consider when making the decision is to see if the basement is worth the effort. A close examination of the basement would reveal to you if the effort and money would be worth putting into. If the place has potential of turning it into something more constructive, the next step would be to plan it up. What do you want it to be? What issues does the place have? How can you overcome them? What costs are involved? Can you afford it? Look into the details to make sure you get it right.

The foundation might be leaking or even cracked, there might need extensive waterproofing needed or even drainage work to prevent water entering the basement, the head height might be on the low side requiring some of the overhead utilities to be moved. These are some of the things you might need to take a closer look at. You wouldn't want to renovate your basement and then have a water problem ruining all your nice work and materials.

Tip # 2 Consider and Highlight the Positive Aspects

When you set foot to get your Baltimore basement remodeling done, you would realize that there are a number of things you do not like and would like to get removed. The point to focus on is the positives! Give direction to your basement remodeling process by seeing what is good and how can it be improved upon. You have ample raw space to place with, put your creative ideas to work on the possibilities at your disposal. A modern or a trendy look could be created with stylish decorations and a theme to suit your preferences.

Tip # 3 Let Natural Light Shine in

With basement remodeling, one of the most commonly faced problems is the lack of natural light. Planning and creating a creative light design can resolve this issue and rid the place of its gloom and darkness. It may not be a lot of natural light depending upon the setup, design and location of your house. However, a basement is one place where you will need more lights than anywhere in the house. Use fixture colors and lamps to make the room look brighter, be more inviting and have a natural look.

Tip # 4 Hire a Professional

There are several technical details that need to be considered, planned and worked upon to create a delightful place in the basement. To do things quickly, perfectly and within budget, the safest way to go about it is by hiring a professional contractor. Choose a reputable and experienced contractor for your Baltimore basement remodeling and he/she would deliver you the results you need in an agreed cost and time period. A professional contractor can provide expert advice, save you cost and trouble. Give us a call today:  (888) 789-0140

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